The Cat's Table

Cinematographic Jazz

Good jazz can be like an exciting movie with unpredictable twists and turns, in which many genres go hand in hand: action, crime, comedy, romance, thriller, sometimes even horror. Good instrumentalists provide suspense and ensure that our cinemas are set in motion.

Cinematographic jazz stands above the music of a quartet led by saxophonist Tom Reinbrecht, named after a novel by Canadian Booker Prize winner Michael Ondaatje: The Cat’s Table.

With this project, Tom Reinbrecht wants to musically transcend genre boundaries, seek out the wild and untamed, the rock’n’roll in jazz, but also the jazz in rock’n’roll, and take us on a journey through time to a decade that had a lasting impact on him: the 80s. 

The Cat’s Table album Supernatural Soul Charade, which will be released in autumn 2024, is a tribute that is funky and soulful, powerfully groovy, harmonically damned checked out, melodically seductive and sometimes brightly colored in the overall picture. 

The Cat’s Table plays music that is so infectious that we forget to reach into the popcorn bucket.

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