Snake Pit Session No. 4


“Snake Pit” is what Detroit’s accomplished jazz musicians called the recording room in Studio A of the legendary Motown label, where they redefined R&B, soul and pop music…a snake pit where brilliant music was produced, played and recorded without a net or double bottom.

“On Air” ran the multi-track tapes, and the band delivered the finest musical material as a well-rehearsed unit. Our “Snake Pit” is the legendary mastermix studio in Unterföhring with its unique recording room, where we have also produced recording sessions live with an audience. We are doing that again now, with the launch of a new project, top-class musicians, brand new songs and compositions in the genres of Jazz, Funk, Soul, Pop and Latin, presented by a great format that brings live performance and studio production under one roof: We bring you to us on stage and us to you into your living room!

With Jan “The Lizard “Eschke (grand piano & fender rhodes), Patrick Scales (e-bass), Christian Lettner (drums) and selected guests we will record an album live.

At the 15th of april 2021 we will start with the first of four record sessions, which we will present to you as a concert with moving camera, interviews and moderation as a stream. After these sessions, we will produce a live album with these new compositions played live, without any subsequent edits or overdubs. We will play “first take”, like in the legendary “snake pit”, no safety nets, no double bottom! The only difference: the audience, to whom the album will be delivered home in in December, will be with us live! The only difference: the audience, to whom the album will be delivered home in December, will be there live!

The other sessions are on June 17, September 23 and November 4, each at 20h15. The release party at the Lindenkeller Freising is postponed and will probably take place in autumn 2021.


Nov 04 2021


8:15 pm

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